Build Greener with Propane


Build Greener with Propane

Today’s consumers and homeowners are looking for safe, nontoxic, non-polluting, efficient and economical energy to fuel their homes, their lives, and the lives of their children.

Propane meets all these requirements and more.  Propane is the single most widely used alternative fuel. And it’s well-liked by homeowners because it’s both environmentally friendly and efficient. Propane has a low carbon content, something that’s important to most consumers these days.

Consider these Facts:

Propane is one of the world’s leading alternative fuels, as qualified under the Clean Air Act Amendments and the National Policy Act.

As a well-known “green” fuel, propane exhaust produces:

  • 60 to 70 percent less hydrocarbons
  • 12 percent less carbon dioxide
  • 20 percent less nitrous oxide
  • and as much as 60 percent less carbon monoxide as compared to gasoline, according to the World LP Gas Association and the Southwest Research Institute.

Propane is the Smart Choice for Home Building.

Propane is convenient to use and readily available today. The majority of propane used in America is produced domestically, making it easy to access. And it’s delivered to local retailers through a well-structured regional distribution system. Propane may also be stored on-site and used directly in appliances, so less energy is lost in transmission compared to electricity. Using propane will even help you comply with NAHB’s Green Building Guidelines.

Today, people are looking for a variety of sources of power, sources that find the right balance between the energy we need and preserving our environment.

Look to Lorden to Help Close the Sale

By offering customers the ability to choose propane-fueled appliances over electric, you’re more likely to become their builder of choice.

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