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Propane is Clean, Flexible Energy

Perfect for Developers Who Want to Attract Home Buyers

Your customers care about clean, comfortable, reliable, worry-free energy. They want it to be available wherever they choose to live, at every hour of the day or night. They want an energy source that’s a good value and environmentally friendly. They want a clean, efficient energy system that adds to the value and attractiveness of their homes.

That’s a pretty tall order.  And Lorden can help you deliver all of that and more, wherever you build in New Hampshire or Massachusetts.

Out of Sight, Out of Mind.  No matter how you look at propane, it’s a good value. Furnaces, stoves, water heaters – you name it – propane pretty much powers them all.

Propane-powered homes stand out but the tanks don’t have to. Single-family homes can be fueled by tanks of varying sizes, depending on the individual homeowners requirements and demand. Since propane is environmentally friendly, the tanks are perfect for storing underground. Where it is not possible to place tanks underground, they can be located or landscaped tastefully to minimize their visibility.

As a developer or architect, you may already be familiar with the unique properties of propane, including its ability to be safely buried and delivered to a home in substantial quantities via an ASME storage tank.

For starters, there are three basic things you need to know about propane:

  • It’s clean energy. Propane’s low emissions make it an approved alternative fuel recognized by the Clean Air Act and the Energy Policy Act of 2005. Using propane appliances can reduce greenhouse gas emissions by up to 68 percent compared with their electric counterparts.
  • It slashes energy costs. Propane appliances typically are far more efficient than their electric counterparts. An Energy Star-qualified propane tankless water heater with an efficiency factor (thermal efficiency) of 82 percent, for instance, can save a homeowner up to 60 percent on his or her energy bill compared with a standard electric model.
  • It supports today’s lifestyle. Propane provides homeowners with the modern amenities they want, including on-demand hot water and energy for outdoor living spaces.

Additionally, the Propane Education and Research Council provides architects with free AIA-certified continuing-education coursework on the application, installation, and material profile of propane and propane products.

Our Lorden Consultants are experts in their field. For more information about Lorden’s Builder and HVAC business programs, contact a Lorden Consultant today.