Common Questions Oil Customers Ask

Heating Oil FAQs

While millions of homeowners all across New England have discovered the many benefits of this safe and reliable energy source, you may still have a few questions. If you don’t find the answers here, contact us. Our energy consultants and Customer Service Representatives have the answers.

General Information

What communities do you service?

We provide heating oil services to most communities in Central Massachusetts and Southern New Hampshire.  Please contact us at 800-828-3395 to request service for your home.

What are your office hours?

Our regular business office hours are: Monday – Friday, 7:30am – 5:00pm

If you have an emergency during non-business hours, our Service Technicians and Oil Delivery Drivers are available 24/7 to meet your home comfort needs. Please contact us so that our on-call team can assist you.

Do you have a showroom?

Lorden is in the process of developing new facilities as part of the brand expansion including local showrooms so that customers can see and learn about equipment options.


What kinds of equipment do you install and service?

Lorden specializes in a wide variety of heating and cooling products and systems. We make choosing and installing your equipment and systems worry-free. Take advantage of our highly trained staff, in-house fabrication facility, and extensive line of equipment. We sell, install, and service:

  • Central Air Conditioning systems
  • Hot Water Heaters
  • Furnaces
  • Boilers
  • Humidifiers
  • Propane Aboveground Tanks
  • Propane Underground Tanks
  • Propane gas log inserts
  • Propane fueled space heaters
  • Propane fueled pool and spa heaters
  • Propane fueled generators
  • Combustion Air
  • Power Venters
  • Metalbestos Chimneys
  • Propane equipment, ranging from Rennai water heaters to Rhuud propane hot air furnaces
Do you offer free consultations and estimates?

Yes. We’ll come to your home to evaluate your needs and provide free estimates on any equipment needs or installation projects. We’re also very respectful of your time, your home, and your budget. Our in-house fabrication, for example, is one way we make projects easier. By custom fabricating your ductwork, we make installation faster and more precise. Our highly skilled team is courteous, always taking care to avoid disrupting your life.

What brands do you carry?

We work with leading companies who provide the highest quality products. And we offer these brands to you at a competitive price:

  • Boilers – Weil-McLaink, Gold Buderus, System 2000
  • Furnaces – ThermoPride, Patriot, Bard, Miller
  • Hot Water Tanks – Super-Stor, Weil-McLain, Bock, John Wood
  • Air Conditioning – Ruud, First Company
  • Humidifiers – AprilAire
  • Oil Tanks – Granby & Roth
  • Radiant Heat – Uponor

Service & Maintenance

What kind of services does Lorden offer?

We service all types of heating and cooling equipment and systems on a preventative, as-needed, and emergency basis. All our technicians are certified, uniformed, directly employed by Lorden, and required to meet strict ongoing education requirements to maintain their employment. We offer “white boot” service and are available 24/7. We pride ourselves on the availability, capability, and quality of our technical team.

How often should I have my equipment serviced?

We recommend that you have your heating system serviced on an annual basis. This ensures the most fuel-efficient performance, prevents costly repairs, and extends the life of your equipment.

Do you offer service plans?

Yes, we offer service plans to cover an extensive number of components for your heating system, including the cost of your annual tune-up. Our plans can be customized to meet your home comfort needs.

What is included with my annual heating system tune-up?

We conduct the following service with our annual tune-up:

  • Brush and vacuum system and smoke pipe
  • Replace oil burner nozzle
  • Replace filter at oil tank
  • Inspect ignition system to burner and adjust electrodes
  • Visually inspect for obvious potential mechanical failures
  • Oil power venter motors and certain types of circulators
  • Perform efficiency test
  • Evaluate condition of heating system using a 15-point checklist
When should I have my annual heating system tune-up conducted?

We recommend that you have your system tuned up between March 1 and October 1. This ensures that your system is operating efficiently prior to the peak season.

Does my central air-conditioning system need a tune-up each year?

We recommend an annual inspection of your central air-conditioning system. We will conduct the following services during this inspection:

  • Inspect and clean dust and debris build-up on the coil area of the condenser
  • Check amperage draw of condenser circuit, condenser, and fan motor
  • Visually inspect condenser contactor for defaults or blemishes in contacts
  • Inspect air filter at interior unit to determine if it needs replacement
  • Verify proper operation of condensate drain at interior unit
  • Visually inspect interior blower unit for proper operation
  • Check operating pressures of system to confirm proper operation
What should I do if I don't have any heat?
  1. Be sure the thermostat is set above room temperature.
  2. If you have a digital thermostat, verify that the batteries are functioning properly.
  3. Check all emergency switches and electrical breakers or fuses.
  4. Check your fuel level in your oil tank.
  5. If everything checks out, push the reset button ONLY ONCE (this releases fuel into the chamber).
  6. If your heat is still not functioning, please contact Lorden so that we can assess the issue and make appropriate repairs.
Where is my reset button?

Your reset button is located on the control that is on your burner. It is normally on the right side (most of them are RED).

What should I do if I have a water problem or leak around my equipment?

Water leaks and basement floods can present problems for your equipment. Do what you can to stabilize the water problem (if it is a leak, shut off the main water supply at your blue well tank or near your water meter) and contact Lorden so we can assess the situation and make appropriate repairs.

What should the pressure on my boiler be?

The pressure on your boiler should be approximately 15psi.

How do I read the float gauge on my oil tank?

You should look at the top of the float to determine the amount of oil in your tank.

How much oil do I have in my tank?

Based on a 275-gallon tank, the measurements are approximate gallons:

  • ¾ tank = 206 gallons
  • ½ tank = 137 gallons
  • ¼ tank = 70 gallons
Am I low on fuel if the tank is one-quarter full?

No. Quarter tanks represent about 70 gallons, which should last a week.

If I knock on my tank and it sounds empty, does that mean it is?

No, tapping on an oil tank is not an accurate way to determine whether the tank is empty or full. An empty tank and a half full tank can produce the same sound.

Payment & Billing

Am I allowed to take a discount on early payment of my delivery?

You may take a $.10/gallon discount when your payment is made within ten days of delivery. Your delivery slip will serve as your invoice. You can easily make your payment online by accessing your account through MyLorden.

Do you offer a budget payment program?

Our budget program provides you with the ability to plan ahead and pay for your heating expenses over a 10-month period. We work with you to determine a level monthly payment that helps keep heating costs manageable and predictable.

If, during the season, heating oil prices increase, we may adjust your budget payment to help ensure that you don’t have a large balance due at the end of the season. If you have a credit balance at the end of the season, you can utilize it future service/deliveries or receive a refund.

Can I set up an automatic payment for each delivery?

You can have automatic payments arranged through credit card transactions or electronic check payments. Please contact us to set up your automatic payment schedule.

Our Website

What can I do online?

We make it easy for you to do business with Lorden by giving you anytime, anywhere access to your Lorden account. So you can schedule deliveries, arrange for service, pay bills and more-all at your convenience. Sign up for My Lorden so you can take advantage of these convenient online services.

  • Become a Lorden customer / Open an account
  • Set up on line access for my existing account
  • Make a payment
  • Request information on all products and programs and have my questions answered by a Lorden E-Care Specialist
  • Receive Pre-Purchase Fuel Agreements and Budget Plans