Fueling Your Success


Lorden Propane – Taking Care of Business

No matter what type of propane service your business requires, you can count on Lorden. Businesses of all sizes have relied on us because of our competitive prices, dependable, personal, and professional service.


Bulk Propane Supply and Delivery

Tank installation
Lorden will work with you on a customized plan for installing your propane tank. We also provide you with the necessary information for obtaining state and local permits and approvals.

Bulk service can be very cost-effective to you. By installing an on-site tank, you have your own filling station, and you minimize the amount of space required to store cylinders.


On-Site Cylinder Refill

Cylinders are inspected by trained Lorden employees with each fill.

Lorden professionals are qualified to handle the transfer of propane safely and efficiently.

Site Inspection
Lorden will inspect your site to determine if it meets safety requirements for on-site fill.

If you want to spend more time taking care of business, and less time worrying about overhead, regulatory compliance and the energy costs required to keep your business running,  contact a Lorden Consultant today and learn why it makes sound business sense to make Lorden your energy partner.