As Many Things Change, Values Stay the Same


Lorden has helped families like yours stay warm in winter, cool in summer, and comfortable every day of the year for more than seven decades. We’ve earned a reputation as a trusted source for reliable heating oil and propane delivery, responsive burner service, and expert heating and air conditioning installation and maintenance. All delivered by a friendly, professional staff committed to a level of excellence unmatched in the industry.

The Lorden Legacy

Lorden’s 70-year track record for reliable fuel delivery dates back to the 1930’s, when Charles “Pop” Lorden, Sr. delivered wood and ice harvested from local forests and ponds by horse and buggy. In the 1940’s, Lorden progressed to include oil—kerosene at the time. By then, matriarch Josephine Lorden had saved enough money to purchase the company’s first oil delivery tank truck.

As the company grew, the Lorden sons branched out into various northern Massachusetts and southern New Hampshire locations, earning a solid reputation for honesty, fairness, customer response, and delivering high quality customer service. As we’ve evolved over the years, Lorden has continually raised the bar by offering more and more in the way of propane delivery and products, heating and air-conditioning products and services. Yet always we’ve remained true to our original values and guiding principles. Our customers still come first.

Today, Lorden is run by the third generation of Lordens, Tim, Jr. and Ted, from three locations serving more than 50 communities.

The Lorden Way

The Lorden difference can be attributed directly to the dedication and skill of our people and our willingness to push the envelope to provide a scope and level of service unique in the industry. Our size and expertise affords the kind of efficiency, dependability, and peace of mind you need. And the level of personal service you deserve.

Lorden has been at the forefront of the industry for many years in products and services, process ease and efficiency, employee quality and training, facilities and in-house capabilities, and customer service excellence. We remain on the cutting edge, setting industry standards and developing new ways to make your life easier—by offering exciting technology-driven services to those of you who need and want them. Most importantly, Lorden will always remain in touch with the needs of customers like you. We’re ever mindful and respectful of the homes into which we’re invited and of the people who depend on us to keep those homes comfortable—day and night, in every season.

A family company serving the community. An industry leader setting the standards. For over 70 years, bringing comfort to your home.