Caring for Our Environment


Lorden respects your home, the community, and the environment.
From our signature “white booties” to comprehensive recycling efforts to emphasizing energy efficiency to state-of-the-art reclamation systems, we are committed to safety and responsibility at all levels in our operations, service, maintenance, storage and home delivery.

We take extra steps to prevent negative impact and make environmental responsibility part of our culture. Lorden is proud to have become an example within the industry of a true and deep commitment to the values and practices that lessen waste and prevent harmful contamination.

Recycling, Reclamation, Containment, and Disposal

At Your Home

  • Did you know that anything removed from your system which would be potentially harmful to the environment is recycled and/or contained and disposed of in a responsible manner?
  • Used fuel filters from customer tanks are sealed in environmentally-safe containers for proper disposal.
  • Mercury found in customer heating and cooling thermostats is disposed of responsibly, and we do not install any thermostats which contain mercury.
  • We recycle all metal byproducts from installations, and all metal filters and cartridges are crushed and recycled.

At Our Office
We recycle ALL of our office waste products (paper, plastic, cardboard, ink cartridges, and more).

At Our Maintenance Facility
Our fleet vehicles are washed and cleaned in a specially designed wash bay. Floor drains collect the water for processing by our oil water separator.

Any fuel filters, oil residue or oil byproducts are contained and disposed of according to EPA requirements.

Energy Efficiency and Conservation

Our office and warehouse facilities all have energy efficient lighting installed. Our fleet maintenance facility and offices in Ayer are heated using the waste oil generated by our own vehicle maintenance efforts!

Training and Culture

All of our employees – office, maintenance, fabrication, service, and home delivery — receive environmental training and are committed to environmentally responsible practices.

Fuel Storage

Lorden has ultra safe fuel storage facilities which are 100% self contained. We safeguard our facilities above and beyond industry standards to prevent any possible release of product into the environment.